Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My baby is four!

Mackenzie had a great birthday. Officially she turned four on the 8th and we celebrated with a little party with family and friends on The 11th. It was an Over the Hedge theme and I made her a cake of RJ the raccoon. She got lots of good stuff including the Cars movie that she has watched everyday since she got it. It is really cute especially since we like to watch Nascar. She keeps asking if she looks older and bigger. And when I remind her to do something she states that she already knows that because she is four now. She cracks me up on a daily basis and I wish that I could remember everything she says. We walked into Target the other day and they have a big Christmas tree already set up as you walk in. She looks at it and says really loudly "What the heck do you think this is Christmas?!"

I had a teacher conference for Becca last Thursday. I'll try not to brag and just say she has no problems completing her work. Her reading is off the charts for the testing that they do that ties into the 'no child left behind" BS. I can't believe that they have timed testing starting in Kindergarten. I am praying that once Bush is out of office they get rid of this whole program, because to put in bluntly, I think it sucks. I am so afraid that Becca will become bored because she needs a challenge. I felt better after talking to her teacher. She does let children work ahead that understand what needs to be done then provides fun worksheets to complete if they are done early. Some of the worksheets are on a third grade level that Becca can do. (Okay so I had to brag a little bit.)
We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for my parents and Dom's parents. So I have started planning for that. Becca's social calendar had been full of Birthday parties and I am hoping that the days following Thanksgiving will be a chance to recharge and gear up for Christmas.
Becca just came up to me and asked if I wanted to hear the song that she learned in school.(Out on the playground not music class.) 'Brian and Cynthia sitting in a tree k i s s i n g. First comes love then come marriage then come a baby in a baby carriage'. Some things never change...


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie! I have her present in the back of my car and I promise to send it. (I am my mother's daughter.) I'm so happy to hear about how well Becca is doing. She sounds like a genius in the making :)

BTW -- I took your advice and started scrapbooking all of the honeymoon pictures. It is time consuming, but it is beginning to take shape.

pixel princess said...


I'm right there with you on the No child left behind... its pretty crazy out here in the mist of major inter racial mix... I'm hoping to get Kailtyn in the CHristian Academy for Kindergarden in the fall, she's there now for preschool and there are only 12 in her class!!!