Thursday, April 05, 2007

April showers bring....


April snow showers that is. Yes we woke up to 10 inches of snow this morning. School was cancelled and we made the best of it by making a big snow bunny. Isn't it cute?


Ellen said...

Holy cow - maybe you should consider moving - perhaps Michigan?

Mom said...

Great bunny! Good thing you are not coming for Easter until next week.Hiding the eggs would be difficult.Maybe not,they sure would show up in the snow.

ColoradoChris said...

Nice bunny, kids!

Lisa said...

That is awesome!!!I love the little chickie the bunny is holding :o) Looks a little familiar!!

We have gone from sunny 65 to the 20's in a matter of days....brrrrr cold!

What happened to spring???

ColoradoChris said...

Hey there. Tracy here for a change. Awesome Bunny!!! It's so big (note intended flashback).
Just getting caught up on prior posts. Sorry to hear about Dom's surgery...but sounds like he's doing ok. You can give the details about you playing nurse off-line (ha, ha).
As for Ellen's suggestion about moving, I would like to point out that Denver is in the high desert and, ya know what that means? NO MUD!! We can get all the snow we want and as soon as it melts, the ground is dry. Makes you wanna come out here, doesn't it!

Hugs to everyone!

Jennifer said...

If we are making pleas for moving.. Maryland is quite warm. We get very little snow (sounds interesting doesn't it.) Plus, we have great fishing on the Chesapeake Bay (hint, hint.)

pixel princess said...

Michigan, Maryland, Colorado hmmmm
all sound colder than California!!!
Spring is here.. we played Golf as a faimly for Easter.. no ham dinner here ;)

LOVE the snow bunny! Can't imagine hunting for eggs in the snow.. make sure you use BRIGHT colored eggs ;)