Monday, April 09, 2007


Thanks to all of you who made a case for the best place to live in the comments section of the previous post. We are really feeling the love but have no plans to move. We have everything we love here- mountains,ocean, lakes,rivers and the change of the seasons. We'll have to be content with visiting!

Also a big thanks to Aunts and Uncles who sent Easter goodies to the kids everything was a huge hit!


Jennifer said...

I can deal with that :) Micah and I have to plan a trip up north soon.

Lisa said...

O.k. now I would be good with the whole visiting thing....if you actually came out to Colorado for a visit....I'm still hoping someday you guys will come out will love it!

Until then...I'm going to be the biggest pain in the butt to my brother. Nothing ever changes :o)

Jillian said...

You know you might fall in love with Michigan when you are out visting. We have all the seasons here, lots of culture, and there is always something to do here. Like the Red Wings, the Tigers, and you want fishing, hello the great lakes. Think about it.