Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter & stuff

The Easter bunny was very generous this year and the girls enjoyed hunting for eggs and candy. The Easter bunny hid everything inside because outside it was reaally chilly! After having our easter fun at home we headed to Gloucester to have dinner with Dom's folks. The girls hunted for more goodies and got big baskets with lots of goodies and new clothes. It was lots of fun. This weekend we will head to Grammy and Grampy's for more Easter fun!

In other news we have begun some home improvements. We are finally finishing the room behind the garage. I never know what to call this room. We tend to refer to it as a basement but it isn't below ground. Our house is a t-ranch with an upstairs and a garage underneath. Behind the garage is a room that we never finished. Once it is officially finished it will be a family room. We intend to do most of the work ourselves and we are off to a good start. Dom has framed in a room for the furnace/water heater and also a place for a closet and 1/2 bath. We also decided to put down some dri-core on the floor as added insulation rather than just lying carpet over the cement. The next phase will be electrical and heat.

On the top you can see where the furnace will have it's own little room. That little corner with the window will be my little craft nook when the girls decide they don't want to share a room anymore and I get kicked out of the extra bedroom. In the bottom picture the closet will be where that chair is. To the left of that will be a little bathroom. It will be a cozy room when it is done. The girls are having a blast right now with it just being a big open space. Especially since we got more snow yesterday!

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