Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fisher Cats Fun!

The girls got a chance to experience their first minor league baseball game recently. We headed to Manchester and got tickets to a Fisher Cats game. The Fisher Cats are the minor league team for the Toronto Blue Jays and they were playing against the Rock Cats, the affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The games are very kid friendly with lots of interactive games and contests between innings. We even rented a suite at the hotel that overlooks the field. The girls were actually more impressed with the hotel room than the actually game. In fact by the second inning both girls wanted to head back to the room. I admit it was an extremely humid day, and the temps were still in the 80's even after the sun went down. We convinved them to stay until the 5th inning with promises to visit the gift shop and then retired to the room where Dom and I watched the rest of the game from our hotel window. Once back in the air-conditioned room Becca took a little more interest and kept an eye on the scoreboard to see if we were winning or not. I am happy to report that the Fisher Cats had a come from behind victory!

Despite a lack of enthusiasm from the girls we are headed back to another game tomorrow night. Dom got some free box seat tickets and there is a fireworks display scheduled after the game.


Lisa said...

FUN!!! I was wondering if the girls have ever gone to a baseball game...I know Becca had gone to the Bruins of course :o) Sounds like a lot of fun...and they are getting too big!!! I miss all of you guys very much and we most definitely will be home for Thanksgiving and I might be home the weekend before Kenzie's birthday!!! I have to work in Boston on the 4th and 5th and was planning on flying in early to see the girls :o) I hope it works out!!!

Jillian said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, and will hopefully get them jazzed about the next time we have a friendly family game. Let Dom know that I will talk to my mother about the rough play!!