Monday, August 13, 2007

Geocaching in the White Mountains

On Sunday we went to the White mountains to try our luck at Geocaching. Dom downloaded a few caches in the Waterville Valley area which is one of our favorite hiking spots.

For those of you unfamiliar with geocaching basically you use a GPS to find the location of a cache that someone has left previously. The cache is usually a rubbermaid container or ammo box that someone has hidden off of a hiking trail. Very often they include hints written in code to help you. (For more info visit We decided to bring along Boomer for his first official hike in the mountains and to tire him out. Thanks to the clever hints we found the first cache quickly and the girls were so excited. Often a cache will have a log book for you to sign and some little trinkets to that you can take as long as you leave something else. This particular cache had an animal theme and the girls each chose a treasure to take. Kenzie chose a dinosaur and Becca chose a tiger. They left a squirty fish and a grasshopper finger puppet. We hit the trail again to find another cache when the girls decided they would rather just sit by the river and put their feet in. It was a rather humid day so we found a cozy spot by a huge boulder to hang out. Boomer played fetch endlessly in the water and the girls stuck their feet in the water and just played and snacked on trail mix. Since we had gotten a late start to the day we didn't really have time to try and find another cache but we'll definitly do it again on another day!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! We might need to try this when we go out to visit mom and dad in September

pixel princess said...

love the pics.. made me homesick.. the water is soooo clear.
I wonder if they have GEO catching here in CAl.. I'll have to look into that sounds like fun...