Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fashion Statement

This is the latest in Spring fashion here in the northeast. When the temperature gets above 60 degrees it is time to pull out the shorts and t-shirts. But one also needs to be practical as well as fashionable and rubber boots are a must to navigate the mud puddles, spring creeks and remaining piles of snow(and dog poo!).
Just check out these lovely fashionistas!

Becca is modeling the more subltle "Fireman" style, while Kenzie prefers "Cute and Cuddly" with her Cow boots.

Special thanks to Grampie who provided the boots for todays fashion segment.


Jennifer said...

I love the new spring fashions!!

Lisa said...

I cannot believe how big they are getting. It is so crazy! Even Kenzie looks a lot taller to me since our last visit in November. Becca's face is really starting to look grown up to...goodness next thing you know they'll be heading to college :o)