Wednesday, April 16, 2008

House For Rent: Cheep!

For several year now we have been wanting to put up some birdhouses around the yard in the hopes that we could get some birds to raise a family that we could watch. So the other day Dom came home with one and we proceeded to put it up in the front yard. Since the children still are not too keen on me taking thier picture and the current landscape is pretty dull and drab Dom became a willing subject as he put up the house.
Hopefully sometime this Spring we will get it some tenants and get a chance to see some baby birds. I'll keep you posted!

And speaking of birds here is a favorite picture of mine of an Evening Grosbeak. Usually we have a whole flock of them show up at one time to feed at the feeders and they are ususally easily scared away. This guy was all alone and let me get really close, relatively speaking as I was using a telephoto lense. He hung around for several days and I haven't seen him since, but I am glad to have got some pictures of him!

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