Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring suprise!

Yesterday afternoon when I returned home from picking up Becca at school I found a basket of Spring daisies outside my front door. I was pleasantly suprised and couldn't imagine who they were from. I was even more suprised to read the card and find out they were from my husband!

You see, as wonderful as my husband is, romance is not one of his strong points and he really doesn't like the "hallmark holidays" when people generally give flowers . And that's okay because when it comes to the really important stuff he is spot on and he spoils me in other ways. But I have to admit it was really nice to receive flowers for no special reason!
Thanks honey, I love you!


Anonymous said...

You must be doing something right,what a nice thought for Dom to do.Too bad it didn't rub off on your Dad.But all in all they are nice guys. Would not trade them for anything.


Lisa said...

Wow...that even surprises me Cyndi...this is my brother we're talking about :o)