Thursday, October 16, 2008


Been a little distracted this week with the long weekend, peak foliage(Will share those pics soon.) and just normal day to day stuff. My biggest distracton lately has been the knifty knitter. After making several hats I started getting ideas about some Halloween stuff I could make so I've been doing that. The stuff just knits up so quick that I have been making something new almost on a daily basis. It's cool cause I just bring it in the car while I am waiting to pick up the girls from school or in the evenings while I watch TV or radomly during the day when I should be doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms.
Anyway, thought I'd share some of my recent creations. I am thinking of opening an etsy shop to help support my new knitting addiction. And well if anyone needs a hat you know who to ask!

Bobby the spider is the most popular Halloween decoration with the girls, so much so that they made him an honorary Webkinz. I also need to make another one because they are fighting over him!


Jennifer said...

Those are too cute!! And I love etsy!! I order prints for the baby's room.

Mom/gram said...

You are really getting creative,Cyndi. Love everything you have done. Good work.

Lisa said...

Those are absolutely amazing! You are so good about picking up a book, reading it and just perfecting your new hobby. Like photography...your pictures are just gorgeous. I've been wanting to learn photography for a long time but I never understand what the heck its telling me to do. I wish we were closer together so I can learn from you:O!