Friday, October 24, 2008

More Foliage Pics

Here are some more foliage pics I took on a hike up Blue Job. It is not far from here and is a quick and easy hike. It was just me and Boomer while the kids were in school and Dom was at work. We didn't even meet anyone else until we were on our way down. It was a beautiful morning. In the first picture Boomer is laying in water though you can't really see it because of all the leaves. Any body of water and Boomer will get and try to swim, not matter how shallow!

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Jennifer said...

That is a pretty funny picture of Boomer swimming in a puddle. :) I miss New England falls, the colors are very muddy and muted down here in Maryland. I try not to laugh when people say "look how beautiful this time of year is.." Inside I'm thinking "This is nothing!!"