Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got Snow?

In case you don't have any snow and you forgot what it looked like I'd like to share what we woke up to yesterday morning. Now newly fallen snow is pretty. At least it is pretty until you
have to spend hours moving it out of the way just so you can leave the house. I estimate we
prpbably got at least 16+ inches. It was blowing around a bit so it was hard to tell. Anyway enjoy the pictures and be grateful it's not you!

Poor birds had a little trouble getting to the feeder. I still haven't got the snow out of the way
to get to the feeders yet. I usually snowblow a path but with all the drifting of snow it won't go through, which means I'll be shoveling it. Hopefully the birds will be patient with me today.


Mom/gram said...

Boy,you really did get some snow!
Poor birds,hope you can get at them today.

Pink Pixel Princess said...

okay, not missing the snow here in california now... you guys have had way too much this year!