Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Snowman

We have a two hour delay for the second day in a row. No Kindergarten for Kenzie and Becca woke up with a fever so it will be a quiet day round here.
But yesterday the girls and I had fun making a snowman after Becca got home from school. The girls wanted to name him but couldn't agree on a name. Kenzie wanted Joe. Becca wanted Diego Santiago Carquez, quite an imaginative name for a snowman in the middle of New England.
After trying to get them to compromise with Jose, I remained neutral and will call him Mr. Snowman.

Mr. Snowman is a great photography subject. He doesn't move around, or complain when I want to fool around with camera settings. Actually I didn't really want to fool around with setting but I had changed the exposure compensation when I was taking pictures inside and forgot to change it back and it took me a little while to realize it, hence my first pictures were coming out too dark. Always good to check your settings before you start taking pictures!


Here Mr. Snowman watches the kids playing in the distance.

Here is a facial shot, He's starting to crack a little smile here I think.

Yes, a definite smile!

And before you think I am totally cracking up, Kenzie was the one who said he looked bored and replaced his mouth with a smile. But yeah, I am definitely ready for Spring.

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