Thursday, February 05, 2009

How NOT to have a mini photo shoot with 2 kids and a dog

I wanted to get a couple pictures of the girls to make valentines cards for relatives. Nothing special just a couple of shots with some cute lollipops I got at Walmart. I did get several good pictures but you won' t see those until Valentine's day so as not to spoil the suprise for anyone. But the out takes are quite amusing especially when Boomer decided that he wanted to join in.

Kenzie always the comedian.

Becca doing her best Calvin and Hobbes face. Also known as the "this tastes funny" face.

This is where Boomer wormed his way into the picture because he could smell food. This one would have been pretty good if he was looking up. He is of course sniffing around for food.

At least he's looking at the camera or maybe Kenzie's lollipop.

Definitely looking at the lollipop which isn't even in the frame anymore.

Boy does that lollipop look good. You know where this is headed, right?



Jennifer said...

these are SO cute! I love the one with boomer and the lollipop!

Mom/gram said...

Loved the pictures.