Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bag Lady

I have this thing for bags. Not purses but bags. And nothing fancy, schmancy or designer. Some of them are freebies from magazine orders. Some I have just picked up here or there. None were very expensive but they all serve a purpose. I have so many in fact my husband has started making fun of me. In fact the other day he asked if I have a bag of bags. And yes, in fact, I do have a bag of bags. My bag of bags are the ones I take to the grocery store with me and obviously they are much easier to carry if they are all in one bag.
Then I have a big waterproof bag for the beach or boat to fit towels, sunscreen, change of clothes etc.
I have two bags for the kids to pack stuff in when they have sleepovers.
I have a bag for the kids to pack stuff in when we go visit someone just for the day.
I have four camera bags all in different sizes depending on how much camera stuff I want to bring with me.
I have a bag for all my knitting stuff.
I have a bag I use as a purse.
I have a bag for my ice skates, who sadly have not seen the light of day in years.
Then I have several more bags 'just in case', cause you never know when you might need a bag.

I have never thought of it as an usual amount of bags, but maybe it is???
Here is one of my camera bags.

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