Sunday, March 14, 2010


When I say I want waterfront property this isn't what I mean. (Those boards in the lower right is the kids swingset.)

I was picturing a beautiful lake or pond. NOT the woods next to my house flooding because of massive amounts of rain and melting snow The pictures really don't capture the full effect, mostly because I refused to leave the shelter of the porch. You can't tell from the pictures it is pouring rain and windy and cold. Normally in the spring there is a little vernal stream that runs through here maybe six inches wide. As you can see it is a wee bit more water than that right now.

And here is my goofy dog who doesn't seem to care that it is windy, rainy and cold as long as he can lie right down and chew on a bone. Gross story to go along with that bone he is chewing on. It is part of a deer leg that mysteriously showed up in our driveway earlier this week. And when I say deer leg I mean hoof, skin, fur all still attached. And It really isn't a mystery, I think the dog found it in the woods somewhere and brought it home to snack on. We disposed of the leg but he found this smaller piece that he's been chewing on and as long as he doesn't bring it in the house I really don't care.

I'd like to walk out back to the big river and see how high that is but did I mention it's cold, rainy and windy out and I don't think it would be very much fun.

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