Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mr. Snow Bunny

Mother Nature played a trick on us on April Fools day by dropping about 8-9 inches of heavy wet snow on us. Despite the fact that the kids will have to make up another day of school and by this time of year we are more than ready for the snow to be gone, we had one of the most fun snow days ever. The kids spent hours and hours outside playing in the snow and I got in on the fun by encouraging them to build a snow bunny with me. The kids lasted all of five minutes making the snow bunny before they took off on their own adventures. So I finished the bunny on my own and was able to coax the kids into taking a picture with Mr. Snow Bunny who I think came out super cute.
That evening we headed over to our friends the Beikmans, and had a bonfire and s'mores which was a great way to end a fun day!

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Kristen said...

It is somehow just wrong to have snow this late in the year. I love your creative children. That snow bunny is adorable.