Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Actually it's s thirty one pounds lost, never to be found again-I hope! This number is significant because I hit a plateau at 29. For three weeks the scale didn't budge. It didn't go up but more importantly it didn't go down. This was incredibly frustrating, made even more frustrating by the fact my husband was losing without hardly any exercise and I was exercising and nothing was happening. I was happy with his success but bummed about my lack.
I know, I know men lose weight faster do to more muscle mass and genetics where women are made to hold onto the weight or something like that.
Anyway the more time that went on, the more frustrating it became, and as badly as I wanted to hit that thirty pound mark, I felt my resolve waning on a daily basis and though I never gave up
I had many times I wanted to just give in and be happy with what I'd lost and how much better I felt.
And go eat a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and a Mountain Dew.
But I didn't.
Instead I read the articles about hitting a plateau and changed my exercise routine and made sure I kept track of my points.
And finally, after a weekend of good old fashioned yard work I finally crossed that line.
Yea me!
Now I still haven't hit my goal and I am hoping that it won't continue to be such a struggle in the upcoming weeks. But at least I have proved to myself that I can be successful!


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You did it!