Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Christmas stuff

Here are a couple more Christmas projects. The first is a candy dish made from a clay pot, saucer and glass bowl to look like a gumball machine. I've made these for Becca's teachers and for a co-worker of Dom's known as "the candy man" to the girls because he always has candy on his desk. Dom is always grabbing a couple of treats to bring home to the girls."The candy man" sent home a 5lb bag of candy to the girls for Christmas. They will probably be eating it until next Christmas.
The second is a Santa cake I made for Dom to take to work and I also made a few little elves for the girls. This cake was really simple and fun to make. It is just an upside down heart!
I have also included a few pics of the girls graham cracker houses that they made. I helped put the houses together but the girls did all the decorating themselves. I think they came out great! Rebecca made the little one and Kenzie made the bigger one.

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