Monday, December 11, 2006

On the go

We had a busy weekend but I think things are going to settle down a little before Christmas, Of course I probably just jinxed myself by typing that! We all got haircuts this weekend even Copper so we can all be pretty for Christmas. We also visited both sets of grandparents.
Becca decided she wanted to participate in the Christmas pagaent at church, so she had rehearsal for that Sunday after Mass. Then she changed her mind and decided she wanted to sing in the children's choir instead, so that is what she is going to do. There will only be three girls in the choir and they will be singing 'Away in a manger'.
We got our first snow on Friday. About three inches and Becca had a two hour delay from school. It is already mostly melted but at least we got to play in it for a little while!
It was actually good that the girls got to sleep in because the night before was Becca's winter concert at school so we were out a little late. Lots of singing and music. It was really cute. Unfortunately I left the video camers sitting on the kitchen counter! Oh well.

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