Friday, September 14, 2007


So for about two years now the girls have been asking for bunnies and well we finally gave in.

The newest additions to the family are two ten week old little bunnies. They are sisters (at least they better be!). Kenzie named hers Thumper and Becca's is named Brownie. Thumper has one ear that stays up and one that stays down. She can't seem to decide if she wants to be a lop or not. They are very cute and very friendly and the girls adore them so far.

The bunnies are just my first step to having a farm. We do have fourteen acres and I have this very elaborate lay out in my head. I am sure you are wondering why bunnies are the first step.
Well bunny poo is very good for gardens and composting and easier to take care of than cows. So step two is garden, fruit trees and compost. I already have blueberry and raspberries and tons of wild blackberries. Step three is clearing more land. Step four is the barn. And finally step five is a few horses. That is my ten year plan!


pixel princess said...

you go girl... or should I say farmgirl? where are the turkey's in your plan? I remember the turkeys your dad had.....

Mom said...

Thanks for the pictures, they are so cute. Can't wait to see them.
Make sure they are in the garage at night.

Lisa said...

Hey no now have us beat in the pet department!! They are the cutest bunnies I've ever seen!! I look forward to meeting them around Thanksgiving.

I thought I was going to be out for Kenzie's birthday but my business trip got moved from Nov 4-5 to now Nov now I just may have a very long Thanksgiving trip...we will be taking her on a Toys-r-us run to pick out a birthday present! And of course a little something for Becca too :o)

Jennifer said...

cats, dogs, bunnies ... oh my!!

They are too cute! Depending on what happens with our house, I'm going to try and come up for a visit in November. I haven't decided on a weekend, so let me know if there is any bad weekend.