Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fairies and Fast Cars

Sunday Dom and I were off to the Nascar race at NHIS. It was a pretty good race though the pole sitter pretty much ran away with the race. We didn't feel so bad leaving a little early when it became very obvious that he was going to win the whole thing. Four seconds might not seem like a long time in everyday life but at a race four seconds is big, and when the lead car can maintain a four second lead over the second place car he's got him beat.

While Dom and I were enjoying the race Becca and Kenzie were with their best friend Annie. Annie's mom, Audrey, took the girls to Strawberry Banke to build Fairy Houses. The girls even got to meet the author of the book Fairy Houses, Tracy Kane and get their book signed! I think I did a post about this book. I definitely recommend it. After the girls built their houses they left food and water for the fairies and while the girls ran off to play the fairies visited the houses and ate the food and water. This was very exciting. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share yet, but hope to get some soon!

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