Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Merrymeeting Lake 2007

Last week we spent at Merrymeeting Lake thanks to Nonna and Nonno. Because the lake is only about 15 mins. from our house we are able to go the week of Labor day and still easily get Becca to school and back everyday. It also means that we have the lake mostly to ourselves. As ususal we had lots of fun and good food. The weather was nice mostly 70s and 80s. The only down side was that we didn't catch any fish! Actually let me clarify by saying that Dom and I didn't catch any fish. We trolled all over the whole lake hoping to catch a salmon or even a lake trout. We couldn't even find them with the fish finder and when we did come across a few they weren't biting. It was still nice to cruise around the lake but this is the first year we didn't catch anything at all. Now Kenzie on the other hand became the mad fisherwoman. She was catching sunfish like crazy. We found her a great spot on the other side of the lake where they were biting at soon as her bobber hit the water. She had lots of fun. Becca has no interest in fishing at all but at least Dom's got one little fishing buddy!

We made a trip to York's Animal Kingdom on Labor day. It was okay, but having visited the Toronto Zoo earlier this year it was pretty pale in comparison. York's really could use some updating and when we went to grab something to eat they were sold out of just about everything! We won't be in any rush to visit again anytime soon. The rest of the week was spent hanging around camp. On Friday Dom and I celebrated out 11 year anniversary by going out to dinner.

Saturday we had to pack up and head home but not before enjoying the lake one more time. Thunderstorms rolled in way earlier than we expected and of course right when we were trying to get the boat out of the water. Dom got the trailer while I drove the boat over to the ramp and I was getting pretty nervous sitting out on the boat while lightening and thunder crashed overhead. Luckily we got the boat loaded quickly and without incident and the storm was over just as quickly. Now everyone is back to work and school and settling into our normal routine.


Mom said...

Ok,Cyndi where are the pitures of the bunnies?Looks like you are going to have a nice cool day at the races.

Lisa said...

Hey Cindy...I wrote a jealous post about your guys's vacation up at the lake! We really wish we could have been there this year....one of these years we'll be there!!!