Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another snow day.

Yesterday we woke up to this:
Which then turned to sleet and freezing rain like this:
Which built up on the powerlines like this:

Which means we spent the evening like this:


pixel princess said...

Okay... I may have to RETHINK this moving back to NH.... I ate lunch outside in some sunny beautiful 70 degree weather! I kept telling my co workers.... we don't get much weather like this in Februaury in NH... well my point is made....

Jillian said...

You are so funny, I have to say that i dont miss that NH weather either, but I will be coming to visit in May for Beccas thing. Its the same day as our first wedding anniversary! One Year! Of course he will not be around to celebrate but i know he will make it up to me;)

Lisa said...

Wow, you guys are getting a ton of yucky weather this season. We've been having a pretty mild winter in Colorado with some beautiful 60 degree know you might want to come visit's really beautiful here.

Still thinking about coming for Becca's First Communion...need to work out a few details first...will let you know either way :o)