Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the mend

For the past week Becca has been sick with the flu which then turned into pneumonia. She went back to school today. We'd been lucky so far this year no one has been sick but I guess it was just a matter of time since it seems people are getting sick all over. Now I just have my fingers crossed that the rest of us don't get sick. Of course one of the first things that Becca said to me after getting home from school was that one of her friends threw up in class today and was sent home. Great. If we can just get throught the next couple of days then we get a week off for school vacation.

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Jennifer said...

urgh... I'm glad that Becca is feeling better. Micah and I both have been down the for the count the last week or so with the flu. Even with the flu shot, we couldn't escape it.