Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest Blogger-Rebecca

I'm Rebecca, Cyndi's oldest daughter. You know Mackenzie, my little sister, yesterdays guest blogger. Isn't she funny? I'm reading the Warriors series,wich has EVERYTHING I look for in a book. Thats the kind of book you look for. Today at school I got a paper that only two other kids got, inviting us to a Fishercats game! My best friend was one of the kids who got a paper and I hope she goes. The game is May 28. My mom said I can go!!! She is so great! Thats all for now!


Mom/gram said...

My grandaughter's are just so cute and special. Loved their blog.

Lisa said...

Hi Rebecca! Its so great that your now helping mom with her blog! How fabulous...and you sound so grown up. Goodness...we feel like we miss so much.

Love you tons! Aunty Lisa and Uncle Chuck!