Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mythical Creatures

The Museum of Science currently has an exhibit about Mythical Creatures which is something the girls love-unicorns, dragons, mermaids. We had wanted to go during February vacation but Becca was sick. The girls had no school today due to teacher conferences (both girls are doing great.) So after meeting with their teachers we headed down to Boston.
It was pretty cool, but they didn't allow photos in that area to protect the exhibits. But I did take a few without flash when the dude wasn't looking. Such a rebel.
Cool Dragon.

It was pretty interesting. They showed the myths and then the probable explanations. The girls had fun and seemed to really enjoy it as well as the rest of the stuff we looked at.
This is called a Roc and could pick up a full grown elephant in its claws.
The dinosaur exhibit was also a big hit with the girls. Here is Kenzie next to a Dinosaur footprint.

The girls and Mr. Triceratops.


LollyChops said...

That dino footprint is totally COOL!

ColoradoChris said...

Whoa, the pics are great, but my girls would FLIP at the exhibit! Maybe it'll still be running in July...