Saturday, September 04, 2010

Heat Waves and Hurricanes

I did such a good job on my raindance to help relieve my allergies that I conjured up a hurricane!! I am kidding of course. I didn't actually do a raindance but hurricane Earl was right on course for the northeast. But it fizzled, which I am actually grateful for. It is always amusing though to see the media go crazy with all the hype and then have the storm fizzle out.

It was a high pressure front that actually pushed Earl farther east and brought us some cooler, drier air in the process. The temps have been in the mid to upper 90's all week and the humidity moved in midweek. Though us New Englanders are used to the crazy extremes in weather I think we probably handle the cold better than the heat. I know I do.

I felt a little bad for all the kids that had to start school this week including my own. Most of the schools around here are not air-conditioned because the hottest months are usually in the summer when there is no school. Some schools in that state even went so far as to cancel school or have early releases at the end of the week. My kiddoes toughed it out and are no worse for the wear. They like their teachers and both have already made new friends. So here's to another succesful school year despite heat waves and hurricanes!

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