Thursday, September 09, 2010

Poor Dog

Boomer loves to lay in the sun or in front of the fireplace or on anything that is soft and cozy. Actually it doesn't have to be soft and cozy, a magazine or a single piece of paper will do as long as it means he doesn't have to be fully touching the floor.
Because the floor is hard and cold and uncomfortable.
Poor Dog.

So despite the fact that Boomer is 85% black and absorbs the heat, he still enjoys finding a sunny spot to lay in. I also need to add that he will only lay in the sunny spot if there is a person, preferable me, is within 2 feet of him. I was sitting at the bar and normally he would be under my feet and/or resting his head on my feet. Cause he might get lonely.

Poor Dog.

And see how he rests his head on the door jam so it doesn't actually have to touch the floor. And if he turns his head just right he can catch the breeze coming in through the screen.


But uh-oh, here comes trouble. Misty comes along to find the dog lying in the only sunny spot.

Now there is plenty of room for her to curl up next to the dog but there is no way she is about to share the sun with the dog. This is a cat that would rather drink out of the toilet than share a water bowl with the dog. She doesn't think very highly of the him.

Poor dog.

So Misty meowed at me to let her out cause there is plenty of sun to sleep in out on the deck.

But two minutes later I turn around to see this....

Misty is sitting at the screen and Boomer is trying to poke her. This is the 'I didn't really want to go outside I just wanted the dog to move out of the sunny spot in the kitchen, now please let me and move the dog so I can take a nap in the sun' look.

It's amazing how I get all that from just a simple look isn't it? Now Boomer's look says 'open the screen cause I had a little nap and now I wanna chase the cat'.

(I am just an amazing interpreter of canine and feline expression, aren't I?)

Unfortunately for Boomer, Misty rarely runs away from him anymore. She prefers to rub up against him and use him as a rubbing post.

Poor dog.

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Dom said...

You are the cat/dog whisperer. You should have your own reality tv show!