Monday, September 06, 2010

Pudgy Pies!

When we were out in Colorado, uncle Chuck introduced us to pudgy pies. Pudgy pies are a wonderful concoction enjoyed around an open campfire. There is one piece of equipment that you must have to make a pudgy pie, and that is a campfire cooker/sandwich maker. I imagine you can find them in any camping supply store but we were lucky enough to have two sent to us by Auntie Lisa after we had returned home from visiting them.

You also need a bunch of goodies to fill your pudgy pie. The possibilites are endless and this is what is the most fun about making pudgy pies. Some ingredients we have tried are: chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow, apple pie filling, and Nutella.
The basic procedure is this, Take two pieces of bread and cut off the crusts. Place one slice in on half of the cooker. Place whatever fillings you want on the bread and then cover with the second slice.

Place the top half of the cooker in place and then set the cooker into the campfire. You want the bread to get all nice and toasty and the fillings to get all warm and gooey. Don't forget to turn it over so both sides get nice and golden brown.

Mackenzie chose marshmallows and chocolate for hers and called it the candyland fantasy pudgy pie. See all the gooey goodness inside? MMMM...
It was a little over done but still good.

The next pudgy pie had apple pie filling inside.



ColoradoChris said...

Man, those look awesome. Great pictures, too. You SOOO need to be a professional photographer.

Anonymous said...

You are going to have to make some pudgy pies for us sometime. They look soooo good!


Lisa said...

Chuck and I had a huge smile reading this blog...those look awesome and we are so glad you are getting good use out of the pudgy pie maker...

Don't forget bananas are very delicious in pudgy pies too...yum!

Old friend said...

Where I live, they call them mountain pies. Try it with pizza sauce and your favorites cheese. They are great!

Cyndi said... sauce and cheese... Thanks for the tip!