Thursday, October 07, 2010

Enormous Apples

We took the kids apple picking and found that they had some enormous apples growing on some of the trees. I assume they are some kind of hybrid, I think they are called AC Macs??
Anyway, one single apple could easily make a pie, or feed a small family. Just check one out compared to a normal macintosh apple.

Enourmous, right??

And look at this one. It's as big as Kenzie's head! Okay, not really but it's still pretty big compared to her little hands.

We picked pumpkins too. Kenzie's got her pumpkin and is telling me to hurry up and take picture 'cause it's heavy!

Becca looks around to find the perfect pumpkin.

Kenzie isn't pretending to be a small child so she can fit in the wagon she is trying to keep the bags of apples from falling over!

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