Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomato Cage Ghost

I wouldn't let Halloween go by without a craft or two. This idea came from Family Fun magazine one of my favorite sources for kid friendly ideas. This a super easy and super quick to make.
All you need is a tomato cage, (I am sure my dad will be so proud to see that I turned the tomato cages he let me borrow into ghosts.) You 'll also need some white christmas lights- a strand of 50 is good, a white twin sheet, some twist ties and some felt or a black marker.

First you turn the tomato cage upside down. Next curve in the prongs and use the duct tape to hold them together. Once that is done, take the lights and drape them around the tomato cage.

You can use twist ties (I actually used pipe cleaners) to keep the lights in place. Now take the sheet and drape it over the frame and use the felt to cut out a face and glue it in place or you could just draw a face on with marker.
Now you will notice that my ghost has an arm. I just used a cardboard tube from wrapping paper and duct taped a ball of newspaper on the end. Then I duct taped it at an angle to the tomato cage..

And if you're really lucky you'll have a spider decide he likes to hang out on ghost for added spookiness!

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