Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Craftin'

It wouldn't be a holiday if I didn't sneak in some crafting of some sort.  The idea of bringing the outdoors in is always appealing to me and when I saw this idea for table centerpiece I had to do it.
I basicially just took a cut log from outside.  We've been clearing some land so there were plenty to choose from.  Once I found the perfect log I had my handy hubby drill a few holes the size of a tealight.  I stuck in a few tealights, cut some greenery from outside and then I had myself a wonderfully rustic centerpiece!

I also decide this year that I wanted some Christmasy coasters.  Before I had a chance to look for any in the stores I found a neat idea online.  The coasters are just small terracotta saucers.  I painted them and added some holiday scrapbook paper to the bottom.  Then I sealed them with some clear varnish. They were so easy and quick to make that I may just have to make some for every holiday!

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Anonymous said...

You are so clever!You did not get this from me.In must be from Nana.(your father's mother)