Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Tradition

This year we added a new tradition to our Christmas festivities, or actually swapped out one idea for another.  Each year we usually add a piece to our Fontanini Nativity set, but the store that we usually get them from no longer sells the size we had been collecting and it was hard to find that size anywhere.  Also we had many pieces in  our collection and would soon run out of room if we continued collecting them.  So since we are all Lego fans we decided that collection the Winter village would become our new tradition and it was one that everyone could enjoy putting together and playing with.  Kenzie really had her heart set on the Village Post Office and was very happy when the elves granted her wish. Since it's completion the Post Office has been a very busy gathering place for the Lego minifigures.  The girls soon got busy naming the people and creating scenes.

Even some of the characters from the Lego Star Wars advent calendar have
made an appearance.  It seems even Wookies and droids have letters to send!


Anonymous said...

Like it!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say "like it" was from Mom!!