Thursday, December 08, 2011

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

A week into December and the holiday is quickly approaching. The house is nicely decorated and cozy. And many of our holiday traditions are in full swing.  The kids receive daily treats from our advent calendar, usually it just a little candy, but about once a week I'll throw in a little extra goodie.  Our two mischievious elves made their return on December 1st. They arrived with a Lego Star Wars advent calendar.  A lego a day until Christmas now that is cool!  The elves have been up to their usual antics which have included a tea party, baking cookies and making an appearance in the nativity! We've also kept ourselves busy with games of  holiday Yahtzee and Christmas trivia. So for the most part we are in the holiday spirit.  The only thing that makes it not seem holidayish is the lack of snow.  Though we've had a few storms the snow has quickly melted and the weather generally had been mild, not the norm for this time of year.  I'm not complaining but I do want snow on the ground for Christmas!

Here Becca gets a little help putting the star on the tree from Daddy and Grampy.

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