Friday, December 09, 2011

On the Naughty List

I know looking at that sweet face it might be hard to believe that he's on the naughty list but he most certainly is.  Tuukka is in fact number one on the naughty list, at least in this house.  You see Tuukka seems to like to chew things up when no one is home.  Only he doesn't chew up things that you normally expect a dog to chew up, like shoes and stuffed animals-lord knows there are plenty of those all over the house to choose from.  But not Tuukka.  Tuukka climbed up on the couch to reach the end table where he found a cordless phone to chew on.  He also seemed to think it would be fun to pull some of the keys off the laptop while he was up there. Oh and then there was the lighter...That was just one days destruction.  He has also chewed up several books, magazines and plastic cups-just to name a few things.
Needless to say Tuukka is back in his crate(now also known as the Box of Shame) when no one is home to watch him.  There are just too many Christmas decorations to risk having him loose. 
I will take some of the blame because when I was walking them consistently he didn't get into any trouble and that is when we decided to let him out of the crate.  I am now trying to be more consistent with the walks and maybe after the holidays we'll let him out of the Box of Shame again.

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