Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celebrating Me

Sunday the 27th was my 37th birthday and I got this brilliant idea that I would do a post about me and do something totally new and unheard of and actually include a picture of myself. As you have noticed from my blog posts that I am always behind the camera and never in front of it, which most of the time that is where I prefer to be. But when I go back over the photos of certain events it appears that I am never actually there. Having made this decision I then proceeded to drag my feet about actually doing it and that is why the post about my birthday is four days after the fact. I actually took the photos myself with a tripod and a little help from my asstant Mackenzie.

Okay so enough babble about that and onto my actually birthday which was spent at home doing whatever I wanted which was actually a lot of nothing, but it was nice. It snowed all day but there wasn't much accumulation and it was the perfect day to just hang out and cozy up inside. The girls were instructed to go to dad to get all their needs met and I just chilled, watching TV, surfing the internet and just enjoying not being "on" as mom.

As well as giving me a day off my husband spoiled me with a very cool iTouch for my birthday. I can store songs, videos, surf the net, all kinds of cool stuff. I got wireless headphones to go with it because I don't like earbuds and I can bop around the house wirelessly. So fun!
Another very cool thing was getting a call from my sister-in-law, Lisa,(who also shares the same birthday)She and her husband were in Vegas celebrating(her husband Chuck shares a birthday with Becca)She went to the roullette table and asked me if I wanted red or black(I chose black) and she put a dollar down for each of us on 27 black and won $70.oo! I thought that was really cool and she even offered to split it with me!


pixel princess said...

very cool, like the pic.. we need to remember to take pictures of ourselves.
I will have to try having Kailtyn get all her needs met from Daddy!
I like that! I like it ALOT!
Love the present..very cool.
Glad you had a good one!

Lisa said...

O.k. that phone is awesome! That is the iPhone, right? So, please share your number with me cause I'm on the AT&T network too!

The check is on its way!

Cyndi said...

No phone, just an iPod with extra goodies. I already have a cell phone that I hardly use.

Jillian said...

thats an awesome pic of you. I love your pics you are really a great photographer. It sounds like you a great b-day.

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome picture of you! Happy birthday!