Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I wanted just one shot of the girls for New Years Eve. I asked them to just stand in front of the Christmas tree, together, with thier cute party hats and blowers. Quick and painless, right??
Not exactly. For your amusement I have included the play by play:

Me:"Okay girls, go stand in front of the tree. I just want one picture."

Me:"Uhh....That was ONE picture, TWO children. Where's Becca?"
Kenzie:"I don't know."

Now I've got both girls standing 4 feet apart on either side of the tree. No
picture here because of course they are not even close enough to be in the frame.
Me: Big sigh. "Can you stand next to each other?" The ever helpful dad shows up on the scene, with a bowl on his head, to usher the children together. They are still not IN FRONT OF THE TREE. Nice. Am I speaking english here people??

Okay, just the girls this time.
Me:"Pretend you like each other. Pretend you're sisters and you love each other. (I am desperate by this point.)"You can have ice cream after the picture."

Me:"That's great! Now just one more."
Kenzie:"Moooom, you said just ONE Picture."

Me:"Yeah, just one more, Please?"
Kenzie:"No you said we could have ice cream after ONE picture!"

Me:"Just one more."

Kenzie:" No, I'm outta here. I want ice cream!"

And that was the end of that.


Anonymous said...

That was funny!!
I can hear Kenzie now.


Lisa said...

O.k. seriously...I love the picture of Dom with the bowl on his head..hee hee :o)