Sunday, January 06, 2008

Special visitor

This weekend we got a chance to visit with Jen. Her husband Micah was covering the debate in Manchester and while he was busy working Jen got a chance to come for a quick visit. The girls were so excited to see her and even more excited to have her spend the night on Friday.

Mom and Dad picked her up in Manchester and brought her to our house where they stayed to visit for a little while. The girls showed off their Christmas gifts and showed cousin Jen all their favorite video games. After dinner she got a chance to come to Becca's dance class and check out her new Irish dance steps. Saturday was pretty low key. We did take a hike out into the woods which was pretty fun. After warming up and drying off a little it was time to bring Jen back to Manchester so she could have a chance to see her friend Katie. It was really nice to get a chance to see her. I think we may have even convinced Kenzie to get on a plane and make the short trip to Baltimore to visit Jen and see her new house!


Anonymous said...

Good picture of Jenna and the girls.They look happy to be with Jen.


Lisa said...

O.k. you know that the first time those girls get on a plane you are ultimately saying their is NO EXCUSE for you guys not to come to Colorado to visit Chuck and I!!! RIGHT!!! I've lived here for 7 years and no visit from you guys...hello!!