Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am one of those people that likes to make lists of things that I am grateful for. I believe what you put out to the universe comes back at you and the power of positive thinking. These lists usually help bring me out of a bad mood and get things back into perspective. I have been taking care of sick family members for two weeks and hoping that I would make it without getting sick. Last night I began getting sniffly and sneezy and this morning woke up cranky. Todays list is to help push away the crankies. It is also Veterans day which is extra incentive to be thankful.

So I will start my list by being grateful for my father-in-law and my nieces husband Miles, and to all the veterans who have served and those that continue to serve and protect this great nation.
I am grateful for the girls having no school today so that while I am not feeling 100% I can stay home in my jammies and just hang out with them. I am grateful for the little moments that we shared today like baking brownies, painting our nails and watching UP together.
I am grateful for my girls who are happy, healthy and continue to inspire and amaze me everyday.
I am grateful for a wonderfully supportive husband who works hard so that I can stay home and take care of the house and family.
I am grateful for wonderful friends and family both near and far.
I could go on and on but for today this feels good. Try making a gratitude list sometime and see how it makes you feel afterward.

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KT said...

What a wonderful sentiment, Cyndi! And you are so really does make you feel less cranky, doesn't it? I hope you are feeling better (and since I am posting this almost two months after you wrote it, I REALLY hope so! *L*)