Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Roundup

After having either one or both of the kids sick the week of Halloween I made the executive decision that we would do trick or treat at the mall where it was warm and dry. This was met with much grumbling from the oldest who decided that if she couldn't trick or treat with her best friend she wasn't going to trick or treat at all. And just for the record her best friend was sick.
After much coaxing and unfortunately a few tears she reluctantly got dressed and joined us.
Now granted the mall isn't the most exciting place to trick or treat, but the kids get lots of candy, and it is warm so you actually see what everyone is dressed as. Now granted it was an unseasonably warm 70 degrees outside, and despite the predictions of rain it didn't start till after we got home. So maybe I was being a little overprotective, but considering Kenzie had a fever all week ( she was fever free for 48 hours we took her out in public) and there was a chance of rain I think I did what was best.
Once we left the mall with a bucket of candy Becca was in a much better mood and they spent the ride home checking out their stash and trading candy. So despite the rocky start we had a happy ending!

Here is Padme Amidala in attack of the candy corns. Apparently Candy Corn Witches will turn you into candy corn instead of a toad. And just for the record this candy corn witch doesn't even like candy corn but she sure got a lot of compliments on her costume. I made the leg warmers about a month ago when I thought we would be trick or treating outside.

Padme's laser blaster!

The candy corn witch taking a ride on her broom!

This is the candy reject pile. Lucky for me and Dom there is some good stuff in there!


kristine said...

just wondeing, what size was the padme costume she was wearing? my daughter is 5 but a bit short, around 44". i need a little help on what size to get :) thanks!

Cyndi said...

Hi Kristine. Becca was 9 and I am pretty sure it was a medium size
8-10 and she is short for her age.
I don't have the costume any more so I can't check. I think that the small 4-6 size would be good for your daughter. Hope that helps!