Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Values

I am taking an online course at called Holidays in Hand and the first assignment was to write down our holiday values and goals for this holiday season.

The most obvious one for me is togetherness. This includes both family and friends. Things have been a little hectic lately-Dom is working a lot, we decided to paint the livingroom and hallway, Kenzie's birthday and Halloween as well as at least one of us being sick for the past month and time is just flying by. I hope that during the long weekend of Thanksgiving we can reconnect with each other and that things will actually slow down a bit so we can enjoy each other.
I also want to concentrate this season on being grateful for all we have and to make sure the kids understand the importance of being grateful.
We have lots of traditions I want to continue (I will go into more detail on those at a later time). Many of them are ones that Dom and I have started since having the girls and I hope that these may be even passed on by the girls someday. I also would like to capture these traditons in words and pictures.
We will try to help out someone less fortunate by donating food and picking a name from the angel tree at church.
That's my list for now.

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