Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Four-Legged Furbabies...

Dear Four-legged Furbabies,
I would really appreciate it if you could come in the same door at the same time when coming in from outside. Waiting until I sit down on the couch after cleaning up from dinner is also unacceptable.
And cat, waiting until I walk away from the door after having just let out the dogs and meowing to got out-not okay. Also just because I am sitting, standing or looking out the sliding glass door it does not mean any you have to go in and out 14 times.
Tuukka, coming in the front door and running immediately to scratch at the back door to be let out again is not a fun game. The house is not a shortcut to the back so that you
can ambush Boomer and eat his face. Run AROUND the house next time. Lord knows you have plenty of extra energy to burn off. And speaking of burning off energy, You get walked at least once sometimes twice a day on most days. When we return from said walks it is not necessary for you to come back inside just because I do. Especially if it means as soon as I remove my outdoor clothing and sit down for a second you are at the door scratching to go out again. Just stay outside!!
Misty, aka: The Keeper of the Door, I will not leave the front door open in 20 degree weather while you take 30 minutes decide you actually want to go out or not. The door to the downstairs will remain closed at MY discretion not yours! It is closed for a reason- usually to keep Tuukka out of trouble or to block the noise from Thing 1 and Thing 2 (aka-Becca & Kenzie). You can sit there and meow and give me the evil eye all you want, it will remain closed!
Your prompt attention to these matters is greatly apreciated,
Love, MOM

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I just it love.Too bad it will not work.LOL