Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planting Plans

Even though the weather has been 10 degrees below normal and we still have a bunch of snow on the ground I am planning out some veggies to grow. We only did a few things last year, mainly tomatoes, squash and some herbs that were successful. I had a few others that weren't so successful- broccoli and mini watermelons that I got into the ground too late. This year I am ready to try again. I am hoping to add another raised bed and more veggies.

This past weekend Kenzie and I started some seeds inside. With such a short growing season here in the northeast, it seems beneficial to give plants a head start inside. We'll wait to put the carrots and corn directly into the ground after the final frost as these don't seem to transplant well.

Mackenzie, my little scientist also has her own experiment going on involving plants. For Christmas she recieved a Root Vue Farm which is basically a little container with a plexiglass side that allows you to observe how root vegetables grow underground. She has some radishes, onions and carrots planted and they have just started to sprout! I'll update her experiment later with some pictures as the actually veggies start to grow.

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