Thursday, March 31, 2011


The other night while watching the Bruins game one of the announcers made a remark about why one of the Chicago players wore the number he did. He explained that the numbers were the month and day that his son was born, which in turn made me think of the month and day that my own children were born and in doing so discovered a weird coincidence that I am a little bit embarassed to say it took me this long to notice. What I realized is that the numbers of the month and day of both girls is 118. Kenzie born 11-8 and Becca is 1-18. Now to get a little weirder the ages when I realized this are 11 and 8. I mentioned this to my husband which freaked him out a little. I continued to watch the game with all these ones and eights running through my head when lo and behold the Bruins score a goal. The number of the player that scored was
# 18 and he was assisted by #11. A little freaky right? I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket with these numbers!

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Anonymous said...

Wow,that is really something.It is kind of scarey.