Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blog challenge

The scrapbooking website that I visit quite often has blog challenges or topics actually that they challenge you to write about. The one for yesterday was "If you got a tattoo, what kind would you get and where would you put it?"
I decided to take this challenge and reveal a little known secret which is I have always wanted to get a tattoo but have never actually had the courage to do it. (I have always wanted to get my belly buttoned pierced too!) So if I ever did get a tattoo I would get two simple little butterflies or dragonflies to symbolize my two girls. I would probably put it just above my ankle.


Jillian said...

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

Tattoo ok,belly button NO
Of course I have no say in this anymore.

Lisa said...

Just as an FYI..the belly button pierce is actually less painful than a tatoo....I think you should do it! Something that symbolizes the girls would be so cute and so meaningful!

I'll go with you sometime when I'm home if you want ;o)

pixel princess said...

okay.. you know the saying "what happenes in las vegas stays in vegas'? Well it took many drinks and a cab for my girlfriends from work to take the taxi to the piercing and tatoo place... the BIG chicken I am I opted for the piercing... one needle.. no more!
I had it and its gone now... its a PAIN to heal and I being the neat freak did everything possible..
a tatoo.. my moom said I could have one when I was younger.. yeah didn't really explore it with my dad due to the needle issue again... the justification was the birthmark on near my belly button.. to cover it...I have walked into several tatoo place in my 20's but could not follow thru...
good luck.. I think the symbolic thing for the girls is cute... I heard the ankle hurts... above the butt seems the most popular.. and you can cover it if you ever go back to corp world since they frown so on them .. speaking from the HR view.
keep us posted!