Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me (and Auntie Lisa!)
Happy Birthday to Me!

So it's my blog and my birthday and today is all about me. But right now I don't feel like writing about me so I'll save that for later on today. I just wanted to wish myself a Happy Birthday!!
Cause it's all about ME! As a typical mom I always put family first so this is kinda fun! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME,(No offense Lisa) ME,ME, ME.....LALALALALA....ME,ME,ME.........
Happy Birthday to ME.........


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to me too :o( Hey!! No I hear you..its all about you in NH and its all about me in CO. I hope you have a super duper Happy Birthday, kids free! Have fun at lunch today and make sure you get dessert :o)

P.S. I got the cookies and the card yesterday..thank you! Right in time for us to snack on something sweet in front of the fire!!

Mom said...

Well aren't you special!!


Jennifer said...

Happy belated Birthday

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!