Monday, January 08, 2007

I am officially freaked out!

By the weather. It was 65 degrees on Saturday January 6th. There is no snow on the ground and we played outside in sweatshirts. The girls didn't even seem to mind the mild weather. Our road and driveway is a mess of mud as well as our vehicles. It is currently 41 and pouring rain. I am not complaining but it's getting a little creepy. Can you say global warming????


Jennifer said...

It was 71 degrees on Saturday!! Micah and I were both in shorts. Something is not right.

Mom said...

I can not believe this weather either! Looks like colder weather for a few days and than to getting warmer.Doesn't look good for ice fishing this year.

Lisa said...

All of you north easterners really stink!!! Its like below zero in Colorado and I am totally freezing my butt off. If we get another speck of snow I'm going to scream!