Tuesday, September 09, 2008

12+ Years

This past weekend Dom and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. Not only have we been married for twelve years but have actually been together for 18 years!! Boy time flies when you are having fun.
There wasn't any big celebrating going on this weekend though the girls seemed a little disappointed there would be no big party like the one they remembered a few years ago for Grammy and Grampy's 50th. I explained that big parties were usually saved for "big" anniversaries like 25 or 50. Then they wanted to know why weren't having a "little" party then since it was a little number and I had no answer for that. So maybe next year we will have a "little" party!

We did enjoy some nice thick steaks on the grill and a black raspberry cream pie for dessert. Also as a gift to each other we gave our bedroom a much needed makeover. Our bedroom has been the most neglected room in the house when it comes to decor. The furniture is fine and all matchy-matchy but the rest of the room just kinda of ended up with the leftover pictures and knicks that didn't go anywhere else in the house and had nothing to pull it all together. The walls were an ivory color and the carpet a blue. Why I chose blue carpet I have no idea, it's a nice blue but I found it to be limiting when I thought about decorating. I have watched numerous decorating shows and still couldn't come up with what to do with the room until this summer.
When we got back from our trip to Maryland and decided I wanted to do the bedroom over (and really liked the color that Jen had on her guestroom wall. Yes Jen, you inspired me!)I started out with finding some bedding I liked , took a color from the comforter for the wall-Mississippi Mud- a bit darker than Jens room I think. I then matched to sheets to the carpet and then just added a few other knickknacks to finish it all off. We also moved my dresser which really made a suprising difference in the overall look of the room. I still need some new lamps and couple more pics for the walls but now I absolutely love it! The room feels nice and cozy just like a bedroom should!

I forgot to take a before pic but here is the after:


Anonymous said...

Bedroom looks great,I love it too!


Jennifer said...

I love the color!! It is amazing how a rich warm color can transform a room. Nice job working in the blue carpeting as well!