Monday, September 29, 2008

I Can't Knit!

No, I can't knit but I made this really cute hat in an afternoon!

While looking for crafts to keep the kids busy over the weekend I bought myself a set of knifty knitters. Knifty Knitters are round or rectangular looms that come in different sizes. Instead of knitting with needles you knit on the loom. They are pretty easy to learn how to use, though the directions that came with them were not real helpful. I also bought a book too that was really easy to understand and the book includes several patterns. You can also find directions, patterns and videos online. The set I bought has four different size looms in it.

Basically you wrap the yarn around the pegs and use a little hook to pull the yarn over the pegs to make your stitches. Easy.
I have tried to learn to knit in the past. My mom tried to teach me several times when I was younger and I just couldn't get it. I can crochet a little bit but I have trouble keeping my stitches even throughout a whole piece but with this I had no trouble and I was pretty proud of myself. The round looms make it really easy to make a hat and I am hoping to try my hand at socks. You can make flat items too on the round loom you just knit in a "C" shape instead of going all the way around the loom.
Now the girls want me to make hats for all their webkins and their Amercan Girl Dolls!

So if you are looking for something to keep you busy this winter, check these out!

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Mom/gram said...

Cute hat! Jill had brought one of those when we were in Michigan.